Intelligent alarm systems

Stop Crying Wolf

9X% of alarms produced by traditional systems are false alarms. Lets flip this around, shall we? 9X% of Burhg alarm triggers are right on the money. No more armed response racing to you to only find a stray cat that jumped through your beams. If the Burhg system goes off, there is almost certainly a person on your property.

Always On

Advanced AI person tracking allows our system to count the number of people present on your property, triggering your alarm if this number is exceeded. This means you can keep the alarm on even if the residents of your home are moving around outside.

Easy Control

Our mobile application allows you to, when you are home, control the system with ease. When the alarm triggers it will show you what set it off directly in your phone, allowing you to immediately press the panic button, or dismiss the alarm.


All AI analysis is done locally. The communication module is open source, thus you can have peace of mind that no extra data about you is leaving your system. There are hardware kill switches between the computation module and the communication module so that you have direct and full control over what data can leave your device.

Fast and Confident Assistance

Opting in to our assistance program will add a lot of functionality to the panic button. Data (you decide exactly what) about what triggered the alarm will be sent to our trained team, who will dispatch help with lightning speed. If we can see that you are in serious danger, medical teams and extra security units can be detached by us with confidence.


The system requires no internet connection for the alarm to work, is not hampered by radio frequency interference, and has a built in UPS.